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Our CompanySince 1988, Amason & Associates has been committed to building relationships and delivering quality projects. In every job – large or small – our team members unequivocally dedicate all of their skill and energy to client satisfaction, demonstrating a responsiveness and responsibility to each client that is without equal. And because everyone is working together, maximizing resources and talents for a common goal, we deliver successful projects time and again.

Building on that foundation, we have developed an expertise in a broad range of markets, including healthcare, automotive, education, hospitality, commercial, retail, industrial, and multi-family housing. We also provide a comprehensive range of construction services, such as general contracting, construction management, design-build, preconstruction, and self-performance.

When you hire Amason, you hire a firm that cultivates client loyalty by delivering successful projects. Our high standards, integrity, and teamwork consistently result in the construction trifecta: a quality project, on-time, and within budget. But where we are truly special is in our ability to also add overall project value for our client. We employ dexterous, solution-oriented teams and solid business principles, in addition to core construction methodology, to every project, capturing schedule and budget improvements and continually implementing them, enhancing overall project value throughout the course of the job.   Because we know that seizing project improvements fosters client trust, we are never complacent, and we exceed the expectations of our clients.

Why Us?

Why Us?

  • Safety is the top priority of our team. Every team member makes the safe choice every time. And our management backs up that decision.
  • We excel at developing and controlling the Schedule. Our team utilizes its sequencing and scheduling expertise to develop the most efficient schedule possible. Then, they continue to work with subcontractors and vendors throughout the job to improve that schedule and identify potential problems early so that modifications are made before the schedule is affected.
  • We constantly work to improve the Budget and add value to the project. Cutting unnecessary excesses and ensuring maximum progress in every aspect of the work enables our teams to deliver projects well within budget. Meticulous planning and document control are crucial to accounting for all project costs and identifying potential savings. Our broad range of experience allows us to deliver high quality at the lowest cost.
  • An innovative Team of professionals. Perhaps the most important tool in our belt is the ability to think outside the box and offer efficient, cost-saving solutions. Our team is both highly skilled in all manner of construction methods and second-to-none in common sense and inventive thinking.
  • Making Client Satisfaction a priority. Honesty and integrity build trust and relationships. And maintaining the trust of our clients is at the heart of our company’s core values. We know that tomorrow’s opportunities are delivered in today’s projects. We are proud of the fact that much of our new business is referred to us by prior clients.
  • Always Improving upon the current situation. Throughout the course of a project, our team is regularly evaluating the job, searching for ways to optimize the schedule, lower costs, and perfect the services we are providing to our client.


SafetySafety is the primary core value of our company. And we are committed to our safety motto: everyone makes the safe choice every time. To achieve that goal, we follow a two-part safety program. The first part is maintaining current, written safety standards. This written program is a living document and every day at every job our employees proactively seek to identify potentially unsafe situations and control those conditions before safety is at issue. So, our written program is always open to expansion and improvement.

While the first part is necessary, it is the second that truly drives our safety program – making the safe choice. At Amason, our employees do that. Our safety program is successful because of the power of shared dedication regardless of job title. We maintain safe jobsites primarily because of the well thought out, hard work from everyone involved – the project manager to the laborer – regardless of how long the work day may be or how many work days there are in a given week.

A company’s real safety program is what its employees are actually doing. Our employees know that Amason will support the safe decision every time. And it is because our employees are committed to executing our safety program and, when possible, improving it, that we have received both national and state awards for our safety program.

Awards and Recognition

We have received numerous awards from the Associated General Contractors of America and BuildSouth for new-construction projects, renovations, safety excellence and community involvement.