The First Federal Bank Highway 69 South Branch Receives 2008 AGC Build Alabama Award

Insofar as location, the site chosen for the bank branch was practically ideal, central and convenient to area First Federal customers and boasting an existing building that could be salvaged.  However, in reality, the site was simply too small for the four-lane drive-thru the bank would require.  Plus, in a prior life, the out-parcel’s existing building had housed a simple ice cream parlor.  It lacked the base structure for high-end sophistication, the style to be projected by the new bank.  The building’s shell and super-structure, like the brick exterior walls, were not originally sized to hold much, if any, additional weight, and the new building was to include a large sloped metal roof.  Further, the original clearance inside the building was low, while the new building would boast a high-volume, spacious lobby for customers.

Now, the new First Federal Bank on Highway 69 South features a four-lane drive-thru, large sloped metal roof, and high volume spacious lobby.  The building is graceful, modern, and displays absolutely no signs of its secret past as an ice cream parlor.