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Druid City Garden Project – Amason Sponsors School Garden Project

The Druid City Garden Project (DCGP) strives to make fresh, locally-grown produce accessible to communities throughout West Alabama.  That accessibility enables families in those areas to make better food choices, understand the benefits of non-processed foods to our overall heath, and see first-hand the remarkable journey from seed to table.  Through school gardens, farm stands, […]

Amason Donates Surveying Total Station to Tuscaloosa Center for Technology

The Tuscaloosa Center for Technology offers college and career-preparatory programs for high school students using advanced technology and equipment. Amason is proud to support the engineering/surveying area of study by donating a total station to the Center, which will be used to help educate students in surveying and building construction techniques.

Amason Participates in Tuscaloosa Builds Programs

Amason is proud to be part of the Tuscaloosa Builds Program. In an effort to encourage participation by minority, woman-owned, and disadvantaged businesses, the City of Tuscaloosa hosts informational sessions to educate these contractors on construction basics, construction drawings, specification, and estimating practices. Amason is a proud supporter of minority, woman-owned, and disadvantaged businesses in […]

Amason Renovates Mercedes-Benz U.S. International Museum and Visitor Center

The newly renovated, 9,000 square-foot Museum and Visitor Center located at the Mercedes-Benz U.S. International plant in Vance, Alabama offers guests a unique look at the history of this ground-breaking, century old German automaker.  It showcases vehicles ranging from the 1886 Carl Benz Patented Motorwagon, widely regarded as the earliest automobile, to the company’s newest […]

Amason Involved in Adopt-A-School Program

Amason is a proud sponsor of the adopt-a-school program in Tuscaloosa County, which benefits 58 public schools in the Tuscaloosa City and Tuscaloosa County School Systems.  The program creates a partnership between the education and business segments in our community, leveraging the resources and skill of our business community to strengthen and enhance the quality […]

Amason Participates in Clean Water Initiative

Living Waters for the World (LWW) provides disadvantaged communities around the world access to clean water and health education programs that save lives.  To date, LWW has installed sustainable water systems in more than 450 communities throughout 24 countries.  Amason is honored to be part of the positive impact of LWW by sponsoring 10 systems […]

The Richard A. Curry Environmental Services Complex Receives 2014 AGC Build Alabama Award

The original Richard A. Curry Building was a massive 345,000 square-foot space that functioned as the heart of operations for the City of Tuscaloosa.  It housed the City’s Emergency Management Agency, Environmental Services Department, and maintenance and operations divisions for numerous other city departments, including the police.  When the tornado passed over it, the giant […]

Robert Amason co-chairs Salvation Army shelter building committee

Robert M. Amason, Jr., President of Amason & Associates, is honored to serve as co-chair for the new Salvation Army Center of Hope Shelter building committee.  This homeless shelter will have a capacity of 73 beds and includes a community tornado shelter, social services department, children’s play area, and state-of-the-art kitchen.

The Leigh Automotive Mercedes-Benz Autohaus Receives a 2013 Build Alabama Award

The Autohaus is a model of key design elements that will, on a going forward basis, be required for all Mercedes-Benz dealerships, service centers, and pre-owned centers.  The requirements are exceedingly detailed.  Almost every element of the building’s exterior and interior, from aesthetics to structure, is touched in the renovation.  Together the guidelines work to […]

Mercedes-Benz U.S. International ASRS Building Project Receives 2011 AGC Build Alabama Award

On April 27th, the Automatic Storage Retrieval System building, critical to vehicle storage at the Mercedes-Benz U.S. International plant in Vance, Alabama, was nearly destroyed by a tornado. We had only fifteen weeks to achieve substantial completion for this project, starting almost from scratch.  Unfortunately, timing and cost made reusing the original structural design – […]