MBUSI Body Shop I Aerial Shot

Mercedes-Benz U.S. International

Body Shop

Vance, Alabama

Amason served as general contractor for this extensive expansion.  The work performed by employees in Body Shop I at the Mercedes-Benz U.S. International plant is critical to final vehicle assembly, as it is at this point that stamped body parts, such as doors, hoods, and hatches, are added to the frame.  The project demanded that all work be performed within budget and precisely in the time allotted, without disrupting ongoing plant production.  Our dedication to safety, timeliness, and professionalism was instrumental to the project’s overall success.

The scope of work included the following:

  • Body Shop expansion – 225,000 square-feet
  • Renovation of existing Body Shop - 168,000 square-feet
  • Electrical substation construction
  • Tornado shelters/Team Centers construction
  • 29 loading docks
  • Extensive utilities relocation & expansion
  • 9 month fast-track time frame
  • Maintained truck traffic and required logistics for on-going plant operations

This project received an AGC Build South Award for New Heavy Industrial Construction.