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Showa Glove Manufacturing Expansion

Fayette, Alabama
Build South Award for Best New Construction Under $5M
As they say, timing is everything. In March 2020, a major expansion to the Showa Nitrile Glove Plant in Fayette, Alabama – the nation’s only domestic producer of single-use nitrile gloves – was only weeks away. That project would double the plant’s output, taking production to 800 million gloves yearly. What began as a project already laden with the challenges of commingling construction and a fully operational production facility became a rallying cry to push a schedule to its limits. A delay or disruption would immediately impact America’s supply of critical personal protective equipment. Our jobsite unified against a common enemy: time. We delivered the six-story, 40,000 square foot expansion ahead of schedule in concert with ongoing production. Two additional high-speed monorail production lines now meet a skyrocketing demand with over two million gloves a day.