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Steel Dust Recycling, LLC

Expansion to Bag House and Kilns 1 & 2

Millport, Alabama

Utilizing Waeltz Kiln technology, Steel Dust Recycling, LLC extracts and recycles hazardous zinc and other iron rich material from the steel dust generated during the steel manufacturing process. An ever‐growing demand to eliminate this dust from landfills and transform it into a usable product necessitated an increase in the plant’s recycling capacity. Amason was hired to serve as design‐build contractor for multiple projects for the expansion of this facility.

We added new three and four module bag house systems to significantly improve air quality within the plant. In addition to designing and installing these bag houses, we designed and installed the pneumatic material transport piping, cyclone system, 50’ tall stack and fan system, new conveyors and completed modifications to existing conveyor systems associated with the new bag houses. We were also responsible for the design, fabrication, and installation of all required ductwork, piping, and electrical systems for the bag houses.

As design‐build contractor, we also completed the electrical power system associated with the new kiln line, including all required motors, fans, conveyors, pumps, controllers and instruments. We performed all work in concert with ongoing plant operations, with minimal, scheduled disruptions to production. Meticulous scheduling and coordination of every aspect of the job ensured that this fast‐track project was completed on time. This project received an AGC Build South Award for New Heavy Industrial Construction.