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Stillman College

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Founded in 1876, Stillman College sits on a 105-acre campus situated near downtown Tuscaloosa. Since that time, the College has grown to accommodate an average enrollment of over 1,200 students each year. As the College was working within a strict budget and schedule, we utilized our planning and value engineering skills to construct this 31,400 square-foot facility. This building houses the School of Education, which contains state-of-the-art classrooms, the Office of the President, and offices for support staff.

The Educational Center is one of several projects we have completed on the Stillman campus, including extensive exterior renovations to the Stillman College Library, such as masonry restoration, replacing the roof, replacing exterior architectural woodwork, and completing various ADA upgrades. In addition to the Library, we have performed renovations to various administrative buildings, dormitories, and the athletic stadium.