Renovations and Additions to Central Elementary School in Tuscaloosa

Renovation work is now underway at Central Elementary School. Upon completion, the school’s students, faculty, and staff will enjoy a completely modernized facility, with upgrades to the cafeteria, library, classrooms, administrative areas, gymnasium, and baseball field. A 4,100-square foot Discovery Center will also be constructed, and the existing courtyard area will be overhauled to provide a revitalized space that will connect the school to the new Discovery Center.

In addition to our work at Central Elementary, as a construction manager for the Tuscaloosa City Schools, we will renovate and construct additions to Central High School, Skyland Elementary, Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary, Oakdale Elementary, and Westlawn Middle School. These renovations are part of the school system’s Integrated Facilities Demographics Strategic Plan, which allows for updating current facilities and increasing energy efficiency and sustainability. We are proud to be a part of advancing the educational environments of Tuscaloosa’s children.