Construction ManagementAs Construction Manager, Amason works with the owner, architect/engineer, and any consultants throughout the design, preconstruction, and construction of the project. Depending on the owner’s needs, we serve as agent, whereby the owner holds all trade contracts, or at-risk, in which we hold those contracts and guarantee their performance. In our experience, this delivery method offers our owners many advantages, including:

+ Obtaining accurate cost information during the design process, safeguarding the budget and decreasing the risk of substantial redesign

+ Easy incorporation of value engineering options into the design

+ Transparency in costs and fees fosters team communication and collaboration within the team

+ Enables the prepurchase of long lead time materials and equipment

+ Avoids constructability issues and change orders, because the constructor can find and eliminate problems during the design phase

+ Allows a smooth transition from design to construction

+ Construction Manager manages the bid process, passing all cost savings to the owner and fast tracking the schedule

+ Phased construction allows construction to begin during design

+ Construction manager coordinates and manages the entire construction process