Our preconstruction services promote overall project success. Amason combines technological tools, construction expertise, and solution-oriented professionals to accurately forecast budgets, schedules, and construct-ability issues for potential projects.
We are committed to delivering the best possible projects and construction experiences to our clients, and our preconstruction services are a fundamental part of that process.
Our preconstruction services include:
+ Feasibility Studies and Building Strategies

+ Building/Engineering Programming

+ Environmental Reports and Evaluation

+ Project Planning, Coordination, and Sequencing

+ Use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) tools

+ Permitting, Zoning, and Code Compliance

+ Cost Estimating

+ Construct-ability troubleshooting

+ Value Engineering Options

+ Cost Strategy Analysis for Highest Value/Lowest Cost Options

+ Scheduling and Identifying Efficiencies

+ Prebid Meetings and Bid Packaging

+ Solicitation, Prequalification, and Evaluation of Subcontractors

+ Vendor Prequalification and Management

+ Status Reporting

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